Gearbox for Irrigation systerm

  Product overview:

  Watson irrigation machine is mainly used for running gear reducer special for translational try sprinkling machine and electric circular sprinkler, special reducer required for reduction and two reduction gear wheel reducer. Each cross irrigation machine required a level speed reducer reducer and two wheels.
The speed reducer of all imperial size, a speed reducer gear reducer with aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy worm reducer two.

  Development and research of irrigation for reducer used in large-scale irrigation equipment, has my company production of sprinkler irrigation for reducer are exported to USA, and other western countries, Hebei Watson production of sprinkler irrigation for reducer has two kinds, commonly known as a speed reducer, and the two stage reducer, each across devices need a first-degree reducer (irrigation dedicated motor reducer two level two) (special reducer reducer sprinkler wheel reducer).

  Hebei Watson reducer reducer special for production of sprinkler wheel reducer cm 5 are L3924, L3926, L3939, L3967, L3986, the reducer ratio respectively 50:1,52:1, wheel speed reducer is also known as the two stage reducer.

  Sprinkler irrigation for reducer motor reducer transmission ratio: 30:1, 40:1, 50:1, three, motor speed reducer is also known as the first reduction.


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