PF、WPF-Planetary reducer

Product overview:

  Precision planetary reducer, the product has: the low backlash, high precision, high input speed, high output torque, smooth operation, high efficiency, low noise, long life, easy installation, compact structure, small volume, model complete, high quality low price, convenient use, wide application, can be matched with various servo, stepper motor, brushless motor.

One, the positioning accuracy
Using precision grinding gear, tooth surface smooth, tooth profile precision.
The gear box, and material of the bracket, and the overall structural design, the high stability.
Strict quality control.

Two, high torque
  Using high quality tapered roller bearing on the output shaft, can bear larger axial and radial load. To gear box and bracket the tough material, structure and overall design.

Three, high starting
  Because of the characteristics of planetary structure balance and high precision, low moment of inertia, which can have a high starting.

Four, low noise
  The gear tooth surface precision grinding, high precision and smooth, so smooth and low noise gear.
  The ion of lubricating oil: DIN ed synthetic lubricants, general reducer is used instead of oil lubrication, because liquidity is good, the gear can run in full oil film protection, noise reduction.

Five, the lower tooth backlash

  In precision machining and strict quality control, so that
  Standard gear backlash over a period of 4~6 minutes of arc; the two section for 6~8 arc.
  Precision gear backlash over a period of 2~4 minutes of arc; the two section for 4~6 arc.
  If necessary, can accept a lower back clearance of the Committee system.

Six, easy to install
  The connecting plate and the input shaft hole size reducer in the elastic design, and the speed reducer and the brand of servo Ma II combined.

Seven, long service life, maintenance free
  Precision grinding gear, using high nickel chromium molybdenum alloy steel, the rolling and carburizing hardening deep, then the tooth surface grinding, the gear tooth surface smooth and large rigidity, good abrasion resistance.
  The German high quality synthetic lubricating oil, because of good liquidity, and rich in extreme pressure compression agent, so that the gear box parts in full lubrication and protection.
  The German high quality non perishable oil seal, the seal is good.
  The Western brand taper roller bearing, the maximum axial and radial load.
  The excellent quality of synergy, the reducer long-life maintenance free
  Has the characteristics of high precision, high rigidity, high load, high efficiency, high speed ratio, high life, low inertia, low vibration, low noise, low temperature rise, beautiful appearance, light structure, convenient installation, precise positioning, suitable for AC servo motor, DC servo motor, stepper motor, hydraulic motor acceleration and deceleration transmission. Suitable for the manufacture in global any vendor driven product connection, such as: Panasonic, Delta, Yaskawa, Fuji, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Siemens, Schneider, Fanak, Kobe, Kerr Morgan, AMK, Parke and so on. Planetary gear reducer, planetary reducer, planetary reducer precision: PA, PB, PBF, PC, PD, PH, PT coaxial type frame type, ratio of 1 to 2000 ratio to choose; one or two, three or four stage speed reducing drive; precision: a transmission precision in 5-8 minute of arc, two stage transmission precision in 8-10 arc points, three stage transmission accuracy of 12-20 arc is divided into one thousand kinds of specifications. Application: servo planetary reducer can be installed directly to the AC and DC servo motor, widely used in precision machining, aerospace, semiconductor equipment, printing machinery, food packaging, industrial automation, industrial robots, medical test, precision test instruments and automation of high precision mechanical and electrical products industry.

Precision planetary reducer: 1, small size and light weight / weight: 1.5 ~ 80kg length: 125 ~ 390mm

2, speed reducer than numbers from 3 to 1000 than the

3, low backlash, the full range of 3 to 10 minutes of arc (arc-min)

4, low noise, a full range of noise less than 70 decibels; sealed design, do not have to change the oil, easy to install

5, high torque, low inertia torque: 3 ~ 45/88.2 ~ 441kgfm/Nm low moment of inertia: 0.306 ~ 35kg

6, for each brand servo motor, stepper motor

PF/WPF series precision planetary reducer
rotio/ 減速比:i=3:1~10000:1
output torque/ 输出转矩:up to 16,000n.m
frame size/ 机座型号:pf/wpf 40~420

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