ZQ/ZD/ZS Series gearbox

  Product overview:

   JZQ is a JZQ cylindrical involute gear reducer, ZQH type arc cylindrical gear reducer, ZQSH type two level transmission of double circular arc cylindrical gear reducer. The cylindrical involute gear models are applied to building materials, lifting, transportation, metallurgy, chemical industry and light industry. High speed shaft speed not exceeding 1500r/min, gear circumferential speed of not more than 12m/s, efficiency is not lower than 0.94, cylindrical involute gear reducer working environment for -40 ℃ - + 40 ℃, reversible operation.

  ZQ ZQH ZQSH series models according to the center distance is divided into: JZQ250 gear reducer, JZQ350 reducer, JZQ400 reducer, JZQ500 reducer, JZQ650 reducer, JZQ750 reducer, JZQ850 reducer, JZQ1000 reducer is 8.



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