S Helical-worm Gear Units

Product overview:

1, S series reducer with high technology content, a helical gear and worm gear integrated transmission, improve the engine torque and efficiency. This series of product specifications complete, wide range of speed, good versatility, adapt to various installation, safe and reliable performance, long service life, the implementation of the requirements of the international standard.
2, the body surface asperities with radiating effect, vibration, low temperature rise, low noise.
3, the machine has good sealing performance, strong adaptability for working environment.

4, S series helical gear worm reducer high transmission precision, in particular to the work started frequently occasions, can be connected to all kinds of reducer and configuration of various types of motor drive, can be installed in the 90 transmission operation

5, S helical gear reducer of key parts and components with high wear-resistant materials, with special heat treatment, has the advantages of high processing precision, stable transmission, small size of large carrying capacity, long life and other characteristics.

6, helical gear reducer motor can be configured with various types, forming a mechanical and electrical integration, fully guaranteed product quality characteristics.

Performance characteristics:

1, helical gear and worm gear combination, compact structure, large reduction ratio.
2, installation: foot mounting, hollow shaft, flange mounted installation, installation, small flange mounting torque arm.
3, input methods: directly connected with the motor, motor belt connection or input shaft, a connecting flange input.
4, the average efficiency of reduction ratio is: 7.5-69.39 77%; 70.43-288 62%; S/R combined is 57%.
5, and R series combination can get greater ratio.

Technical parameters:

The basic speed ratio range: 9.96 ~ 244.74, S series R series combination type can reach 8608
Torque range: 43 ~ 4200 Nm
Power range: 0.18 ~ 22 kW


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