K Helical-bevel Gear Units

  Product overview:

   1, K series reducer, combined with international technical requirements for manufacturing, with high technological content.    2, space saving, reliable and durable, under high overload capacity, power is more than 200KW.
   3, low energy consumption, superior performance, the reducer efficiency can reach above 95%.    4, small vibration, low noise, high energy saving.
   5, high-quality section steel, steel cast iron box, the gear surface after high-frequency heat treatment.
   6, through precision machining, constitute the configuration of various motor reducer helical gear, bevel gear, bevel gear drive assembly, the formation of electromechanical integration, fully guaranteed product quality characteristics.   Suitable for electronic instruments, plastics and rubber, paper, wood energy environmental protection machinery, and in single or two machine combination, combination and installation forms, in order to increase the speed ratio, expand the scope of use, convenient user.
Technical parameters:
   Power: 0.12KW ~ 200KW
   Torque: 10N.m ~ 58500
N.m    Output speed: 0.08 ~ 263r/min
Mounting type: flange, mounting feet, shaft type etc.

  Type K spiral bevel gear reducer with small volume, large transmission torque, high efficiency, stable work, long service life, with a wide range of output power, speed, installation of form, there are 7 types, 9 kinds of specifications.



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