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Hebei Woson machinery equipment Co., LTD. is the earliest professional production factory in Hebei, covering an area of 19800 square meters and a building area of 6000 square meters, with the fixed assets of 20 million RMB, the production of various kinds of speed reducer more than 9000 sets in one year.

The history of our factory is very glorious, the technical force is abundant, and we have a set of strict management system, strict control methods and perfect quality assurance system, in 1999 we are evaluated "hebei quality trustworthy unit", and in 2003 through the ISO9000 quality management system certification.

It has produced the complete of reducers with more than ten series and hundred varieties, including B, X serial cycloid reducer, ZDY, ZLY, ZSY, ZFY serial cylindrical gear reducer, ZLYJ, ZSYJ serial gear reducer specially for plastic extruding machine, DBY and DCY serial bevel and cylindrical reducer, R serial helical gear reducer, S serial helical worm geared motor, K serial helical bevel geared motor, F serial parallel helical geared motor, PV serial general gear box, MBY and JDX edge-driven geared reducer, GMC serial compact universal reducer and etc.

Hebei Woson machinery equipment Co., LTD. has a lot of domestic-made and imported advanced equipments and testing instruments, including Niles gear form grinding machine imported from German, OKUMA horizontal machining center imported from Japan, gear inspection and test center and three-coordinate measuring machine. The company has greatly satisfied needs of customers with its sophisticated equipments, advanced management conception, perfect quality management system and high-quality staff members, as well as network service with over 90 branches in cities throughout the country.


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